Family doesn’t like boyfriend girl, fight breaks out

(ANSA) – BIANCAVILLA, DECEMBER 29 – Ten people were reported by the carabinieri in Biancavilla (Catania) for having started a violent and prolonged brawl in Piazza Roma. The spark was a sentimental relationship between an 18-year-old of Albanian origins and a 21-year-old of Moroccan origins opposed by the girl’s family. The wounded were treated in the Biancavilla hospital: the victims reported injuries judged to heal between 4 and eight days. The accused must answer for aggravated brawl, personal injury, serious threats and damage in competition.

The military managed to reconstruct the various phases also through the vision of the images recorded by the video surveillance systems. It all started when one evening the two boys came across some relatives of the 18-year-old, a distant 47-year-old uncle and his 43-year-old wife accompanied by a couple of friends, who immediately started insulting the two young people. At that point the girl would have approached the family members to ask them to stop, she being beaten in response.

The young Moroccan was instead slapped by his uncle and to try to defend himself he also used a cast iron pole found on the street. Other family members would later arrive to support the uncle and his wife, including a 32-year-old armed with a knife and a 37-year-old. Other Albanian relatives then intervened on the spot, a 67-year-old, father of the 43-year-old woman and his 23-year-old son. The two young men then fled: the sisters took refuge in the house and the Moroccan boy disappeared without trace. Some attackers then went to the girls’ house and attacked both the young Albanian and her parents. .