Falsifying Documents for Income in Palermo: Offering a ‘Gift’ of One Hundred Euros per Case, No Problem?

An investigation by the Economic-Financial Police Unit of Palermo has revealed a large-scale scam involving 93 individuals. The scheme, orchestrated by Francesco Tuttoilmondo, involved falsifying residency declarations, rental contracts, and registration for the Tari tax. Tuttoilmondo, who managed a local Caf (Financial Assistance Center), facilitated the fraudulent practices between private individuals and municipal offices. However, his attempts at corruption were foiled when a municipal employee reported the activities. Incriminating emails highlighted Tuttoilmondo’s attempts to offer financial incentives for cooperation. Despite his efforts, the recipient of the messages refused, and discrepancies in the applications from the same Caf were noticed by another administration employee. Tuttoilmondo has been placed under house arrest.

Palermo, documenti falsi per il Reddito: «Non c’è problema per un regalino, cento euro a pratica vanno bene?»

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