False invalids and INPS scams, the one million euro seizure is triggered

Editorial staff 28 September 2021 07:30

Share Almost two years after the arrests for a round of scams at the INPS, and in the process in progress, there is also a seizure of one million euros. The financial police carried out a provision of the preventive measures section of the court of Palermo against Antonino Randazzo, 58, considered the organizer of a scam against the social security institution. Thanks to him, in fact, many would have been able, although not entitled to, to obtain disability pensions upon payment of a fee. Last March, the notice of conclusion of the investigations was notified to the family doctors involved and various beneficiaries. Your browser cannot play the video. You must deactivate ad-block to play the video. Mute sound Mute sound Mute sound Activate sound Spot Enable full screen Disable full screen The video cannot be played – please try again later. Wait just a moment … Maybe it might interest you … Randazzo and his right arm, according to what was reconstructed by the prosecutor, would have used a large group of “patient hunters” and accomplices. The investigation highlighted “exchanges of favors, inappropriate relationships, advantages of various kinds, which have constituted fertile ground on which to build the illicit system”. The investigators of the group for the protection of the financial goods and services market have revealed “a modus operandi consolidated over the years, so tested as to induce the audience of interlocutors to believe that recourse to the services offered by the arrested subjects was the only way to obtain of undue social security benefits “. At the end of the investigation of the Igea operation, a few months ago Randazzo was indicted for trafficking in illicit influences, ideological falsehood, fraud against the State, aggravated fraud for obtaining public funds and use of money of illicit origin together with other 17 subjects. The proceeding is in the trial phase before the Palermo court. With the measure carried out this morning, the financiers have seized 23 insurance policies (for 830 thousand euros), nine current accounts, a car and cash for 62 thousand euros.

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