Fallow deer emergency in the Madonie, via the selective culling

A plan of interventions for the containment of fallow deer in the area of ​​the Madonie Park is underway. The initiatives were agreed during an extraordinary meeting, convened at the Park headquarters by the regional councilor for the Territory and Environment, Toto Cordaro, with the 21 mayors of the municipalities of the Madonita area, 15 of which fall within the area of Park. The head of the wildlife-hunting division of the province of Palermo also participated.

“We come to meet – explains the commissioner Cordaro – the first citizens and local communities, together with whom we have identified a series of actions to be implemented to limit the damage to agricultural production, livestock and forest heritage caused by excessive presence of fallow deer on the territory. We will intervene, with absolute respect for the environment and wildlife, to avoid episodes that occur with an excessive frequency and dangers to the safety of people ”.

The fallow deer management plan, previously approved, will be launched within the Park area. For the areas outside the protected area, a selective killing plan will be prepared, as already done for wild boars.

The process for the introduction of fallow deer among the huntable species and the contextual inclusion in the hunting calendar will also be launched. Finally, the councilorship will provide the mayors with a draft union ordinance that allows them to intervene promptly in emergencies.

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