Facade of a marble and glass building in the historic center, surveys – Sicily

In 2018 the Municipality of Marsala sent a warning to suspend works

(ANSA) – MARSALA, 26 FEB – An investigation was launched by the municipal police and the technical office of the Municipality of Marsala to ascertain how it was possible to build a modern-style building in the historic center, with a gray marble facade dark and glazed. The building, whose façade has been freed from the scaffolding only in recent days, is in via Garraffa, behind the former church of the Purgatory, the main example of the city’s baroque, and in front of the moat with archaeological finds and the former convent of San Girolamo. A building built, according to accusation, in deviation from the project approved by the Municipality. This, in fact, provided for compliance with the historical-architectural context and fixtures of a different nature (wooden door, etc.). The work is owned by an entrepreneur who would like to build, with Por Sicilia funding, an accommodation facility with a restaurant. The project, on the other hand, is by the architects Andrea Pellegrino and Giovanni Cammarata. The investigation was launched after the case was raised on social media and then on the online media. In 2018, the Municipality sent a warning to suspend the works, but these were nevertheless completed.