Fabrizio Serafini, the historic owner of the Matranga jewelry in Palermo, has died

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“A great gentleman in a very difficult Palermo”.
This is the memory that perhaps most characterizes the Marquis Fabrizio Serafini of the Abbati Trincia historic Palermo jeweler – Matranga jewelery – and a piece of a city that is losing its most illustrious characters.

Died at the age of 82, he lived a full life, between Palermo and Porano – his son Giuseppe remembers it as an “earthquake” -, between roles of great depth and “titanic enterprises”, linked to the reconstruction of the family castle.

At the age of 24 he joined the body of the Italian Guard of the Pope, which was then definitively abandoned a few years later, covering the role from 1964 to 1970, remaining however close to Vatican circles until 1972.

Since 1970 he has resumed the great family tradition of Sicilian jewelers in the family jewelry, opened in 1896 by the founder Antonino Matranga, always dealing with the most prestigious brands and creating two of his successful lines.

From 1990 to 2010 he held the position of president of the Academy of Italian cuisine, with which he participated in the three days held in Palermo in October 2000: an event full of meetings, debates and cultural trips, during which the food that pilgrims ate over the centuries was reproduced.
An event that consolidated the image of Sicily and conveyed the products of agri-food companies to an international target.

In 2004 he retired to private life due to the tragic death of his daughter, devoting himself totally to the biggest undertaking: making the family castle, Castel Rubello, a few kilometers south of Orvieto accessible.
The castle was divided between 6 heirs and the marquis tried in every way to put it back on track.
And in part he succeeded, with a considerable financial effort and a lot of will, so much so that today the castle functions as an accommodation facility.

«He was a very funny person – his son Giuseppe Serafini remembers him – it was pleasant for everyone to spend time with him.
He has always linked us with great love.
He was a great gentleman in a Palermo at the very difficult times, perhaps this very great elegance of him helped him ».


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