Fabio Rubbino, who has two precedents for robbery behind him, would have lashed out against the constable who intervened in defense of a doctor. The judge validates the provision and applies the obligation to sign

Punches in the face and kicks in the legs of a police officer who had intervened in defense of a doctor on the occasion of his brother’s hospitalization. Fabio Rubbino, 24, from Canicattì, with two precedents for robbery behind him, remedies a new arrest, this time, with accusations of resistance to a public official and aggravated injuries.

The prosecutor Cecilia Baravelli, who placed him under house arrest, ordered the very direct judgment and the validation hearing was held this morning in front of the single judge of the Agrigento court, Alessandro Quattrocchi. The magistrate validated the detention and ordered the signature obligation three times a week.

The arrest of Rubino, who appointed the lawyer Calogero Meli as his defender, was triggered in the late afternoon of Thursday after an attack inside the mental health center of the Asp of Canicattì. Rubbino, according to the reconstruction of the facts, would have tried to prevent the hospitalization of his brother so much so that a carabiniere intervened in support of the doctor.

At that point, the twenty-four-year-old, to oppose, would have hit with punches in the face and kicks in the legs the chosen officer of the weapon causing him a craniofacial trauma and a trauma to the leg, reported in hospital and judged to be curable in seven days. The young man was then blocked and arrested. The magistrate of the prosecutor, while awaiting the validation hearing, had placed him under house arrest.

The direct trial will take place on Wednesday.

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