explosive energy on the terraces of Palermo

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The summer season of Tatum Art, the review conceived and created by the artistic director, Toti Cannistraro, includes the concerts of the “Palermo Summer Jazz Festival”, the festival, promoted by Nomos Jazz and Tatum Art that brings the best jazz music of the Italian and international stage with concerts at Palazzo Fatta and at the Florio Stand.

The appointment scheduled on the terraces of Palazzo Fatta, Tuesday 12 Julysees the Canadian artist perform Robert Bonisolo with the quartet composed by Mauro Schiavone, on the floor; Alessandro Presti, on double bass and Jacek Kochan, on drums.

Canadian by origin, Bonisolo has lived in Veneto for at least thirty years.
Discreet, reserved and elegant, Robert is a great scholar of the tenor sax, an instrument in which he excels worldwide for instrumental prowess, beauty of sound, and explosive energy.


Two entrances are foreseen, at 8.15 pm for the first set and 10.15 pm for the second set (closing at 1.00 am).
For the aperitif, the seat at the table is guaranteed until 8.15 pm, while for the first set the place is guaranteed until 10.15 pm.

For concerts in the stalls (max 45 seats per set) of the Palermo Summer Jazz Festival of which this appointment is part, the drink is not mandatory.
Payment for the concert in the stalls is made within the structure.

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