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  • A young man from Raffadali, Samuel Cuffaro, died in Gubbio following the explosion in a factory
  • Mourning in the village of Agrigento, Samuel was 19 years old
  • The memory of the mayor

Raffadali in shock, a 19-year-old worker dies in an explosion in a factory in Gubbio, in Umbria.
Dying at the age of 19 in pursuit of one’s dreams and ambitions: this is the sad and dramatic fate of the young Samuel Cuffaro from Raffaello.

Explosion in a building

Serious toll due to a building explosion: two dead and three injured.
The explosion was followed by the collapse of the attic which gave no escape to the young Samuel and another 52-year-old lady.
The boy and his family had emigrated in search of a better life, but instead he met his death.
There are also other wounded who are still hospitalized in the area’s hospitals. According to firefighters, the explosion occurred in a laboratory where cannabis is produced for therapeutic purposes. Following the explosion, the attic of the house above collapsed.

Raffadali in shock, the condolences of the mayor

The mayor of Raffadali Silvio Cuffaro shocked by the sad news: “Raffadali has lost everyone’s son. We join in the great pain of the family. He had left our country to look for work and unfortunately he died in his job. All this is absurd ”.
“The whole raffadalese community has learned, astonished, the sad news. Samuel was a splendid boy with his head on his shoulders and, still very young, he made a choice as a mature person, deciding not to burden the family budget and pay for his studies with his own work.
He had many dreams and many plans for his life, broken yesterday afternoon in a locality near Gubbio where he had found the job that allowed him to feed his dreams.
Manifesto – concludes the mayor of Raffadali – on behalf of the whole community, his pain for the tragedy that has occurred, offering condolences to the family ”.

The causes of the explosion have yet to be ascertained

Firefighters recovered the body from the rubble. The missing person was also found charred, bringing the death toll to two. One of the two survivors of the explosion was rescued on the spot by 118 personnel and then transferred by helicopter to the large burn center in Cesena.
Two wounded instead, the first to be extracted from the rubble, are at the Branca hospital. A firefighter would have been rescued due to intoxication.
The firefighters work non-stop to ascertain the causes of the fire and explosion that caused the attic of the house above to collapse.

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