EXPLORING MESSINA SICILY: Arrival in Port and a Day in the City

Produced with CyberLink PowerDirector 15, Go Pro Hero Session 5, Google Earth Pro and msuic from archive.org. Following is …


  1. Messina era molto più bella prima del terremoto del dicembre del 1908 e della seconda guerra mondiale!!! Ma uno storico o esperto di arte e cultura non esiste in modo da fare un video commentato ….magari messinese uomo o donna che sia!

  2. i used to sleep at messina centrale and eat free meals at cristo re. than i went to aqualadrone near sparta, mezzacampa and castanea. i had no money but you could pluck fruits straight of the tree and there is free water everywhere. i am happy matteo messina denaro keeps that place safe. i went there quite a few times with boat from reggio or plane to catania.

  3. شنو هالجمال ياربي ؟! لو اعيش عشر اعمار فوق عمري ما اوصل لهذا المكان واشوف هيج بحر بعيوني .. الك بيها ارادة ياربي من ذبيتنه بالصحراء

  4. Bellissima Messina, poco apprezzata, meno male che ci sono i turisti a farlo. Bello il distacco della nave dal porto con il mare calmo e azzurro. Bravi, complimenti vivissimi. Un abbraccio.

  5. So well done! Found this by accident. My grandfather, long deceased, was from Mesina. Salvatore DiMaggio. My father, now gone as well would have loved to have seen this!! Could imagine my Grandfather as a boy being brought to the church. Very moving for me. His relatives gave us thankfully Joe DiMaggio, the baseball player, not far in Palermo.Thank you so much for making this!!!

  6. Thank you for your film! I watched with great pleasure!

  7. Really enjoyed your video!  Great music too befitting Sicilia !  Thanks for posting ! Can I ask what ship you travelled on?