Expired and dangerous barrels seized in a warehouse and shop in Brolo

More than a hundred packs of expired pyrotechnic devices, crammed into a mezzanine and without the CE mark. This is what was found and seized in a commercial establishment in Brolo by the Administrative Team of the Capo d’Orlando police station engaged, in recent days, in specific checks aimed at preventing and repressing the illegal sale of pyrotechnic devices.

A further twenty packs were found on the shelves of the shop in the city center of Brolo, ready to be sold: also in this case the fires had expired since 2019 and with a net explosive content per piece of 300 mg, higher than that envisaged by the standard for unlicensed retailers of PS set at 150mg per piece.

The Policemen therefore proceeded to refer the owner of the business to the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Patti for the sale of unclassified explosive material, as well as for the crime of illegal trade in explosive material. All the material found was instead subjected to seizure.

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