Expensive tickets to the Aeolian Islands, tough appeal

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Since yesterday, traveling on state-funded vehicles to and from Aeolian Islands, but more generally in the smaller islands of Sicily, it costs more.
As announced on this type of connections (ships and hydrofoils) a 20% increase in tariffs in partial recovery of the increase in fuel costs.
The discontent is evident and, all eight mayors of the smaller Sicilian islands – Francesco Forgione, of Favignana – Egadi Islands; Filippo Mannino of Lampedusa and Linosa; Giacomo Montecristo, by Leni; Riccardo Gullo of Lipari; Clara Rametta, of Malfa; Vincenzo Campo of Pantelleria; Domenico Arabia, of Santa Marina Salina e Salvatore Militello, di Ustica – have taken steps to ensure that this increase can be repaid.
In this regard, they wrote to the minister Giovannini and the regional councilor for mobility Falcon highlighting “opposition and great disappointment for a choice that will cause incalculable economic damage, especially at the start of the tourist season, whose timid signs of recovery, for the current year, bode well for the local economy”.
The mayors, in asking the Minister to implement any necessary action, aimed at restoring the conditions and arrangements provided for by the convention that regulates maritime connections of state interest, so that full compliance with it can be re-established, in the interest of the islanders , highlight the disparity that has arisen with these increases.

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