Expensive construction prices, trade unions call for regional intervention against speculation

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“The Sicilian Region urgently intervenes on the adjustments of the amounts previously defined in the calls and at the same time intervenes to block speculations on the price of the main building materials or here there is a risk of collapse”.
The alarm was raised by the general secretaries of Feneal Uil, Filca Cisl and Fillea Cgil Sicilia, Francesco De Martino, Paolo D’Anca and Giovanni Pistorio.

“There is a risk of blocking a large part of construction activities”

And they add: “If time were to be wasted, most of the construction activities could be blocked and unfortunately this could happen in a generalized manner.
The paralysis could in fact concern both private and public works.
The works financed through the Pnrr are at risk, but also the service contracts and contracts awarded in past years, and there are many, now in execution “.

“It is essential that confrontation be opened to find solutions”

They continue: “Many construction sites engaged in 110% are already stopping and there is a risk of losing thousands of jobs.
It is essential to open the discussion immediately to find useful solutions to solve the problem or everything will fall on the protection of construction workers, their wages and safety parameters “.

Carovita, discontent like wildfire on the island

Meanwhile, the first visible discontents in Sicily begin to register against the high cost of living which has become unsustainable.
In Palermo in particular in recent days a spontaneous movement has been formed which has also founded a Facebook page entitled “Let’s rise up against dear life”.
These are the reasons that led the group to set up, according to what we read on the social page: “Against cuts in health, unemployment and precariousness, high cost of living, increased bills, removal of citizenship income; against war and military spending.
For the rise in wages: we rise up! Let’s build a great mobilization in Palermo ”.

“We rise up against dear life” has a single denominator in its mode of birth: “The political, economic, social, health situation – adds the spontaneous group – calls us to recompose social struggles, in a common space, where students, workers , unemployed, inhabitants of the territories must build a response from below against the crisis imposed by the bosses ”.

Discontent with expensive fuels

The Palermo movement in these first days of activity is working among the people.
Topical issue is expensive fuels: “Compared to last week – reads a recent post – there are increases of + 4.5% on petrol and + 5.1% on diesel.
The price per liter continues to rise, while living conditions get worse and worse.
The political class can no longer impose price increases and sacrifices on us.
While the oil companies get rich, while the war increases the profits of the powerful, we must organize ourselves ”.

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