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Expenses for fuels, the Sicilian Region and the Municipality of Palermo among the worst entities in Italy

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The Sicilian administrations still far behind in consumption of non-renewable resources.
The Sicilian Region in Italy is the one that, in absolute values, spent the most in 2020 on fuels, fuels and lubricants for the maintenance of offices and structures.
The Municipality of Palermo, in the same ranking, is third among the provincial capitals.
The data emerge from a report created for Adnkronos by the Administrative Gazette Foundation of the Italian Republic, as part of the ‘Pitagora’ project.
The institutions were also assigned a rating ranging from AAA for the most virtuous administrations to C for the least efficient ones, also based on the population and number of facilities to be fueled by the Region or the Municipality.

The Sicilian Region black jersey

The institution of Palazzo d’Orleans is the only one among the Regions to receive C as a rating, the worst result, spending 1,314,359.54 euros.
The value is down compared to previous years, but it must be considered that 2020 is also the first year of the Covid pandemic, with restrictions that have also involved the Italian administrations.
In 2019 for fuels, fuels and lubricants, the Sicilian Region had paid out 1,393,047.85, in 2018 it had reached 1,531,884.05, while in 2017 it had stopped at 806,979.79 euros.

The other Regions

To understand the differences with the other Regions, consider that a bureaucratic giant like Lombardy obtained the best performance: in 2020 it spent only 65,414.59 euros, winning the AAA rating, the only one to achieve this result.
Among the most efficient Regions there are also three that have obtained AA i.e.
Lazio (149,738.66 euros), Campania (128,187.20) and Emilia-Romagna (114,131.26) and three with A i.e.
Puglia (253,503.94 euros), Veneto ( 150,198.85) and Calabria (57,031.98).

The Municipality of Palermo among the worst

The Municipality of Palermo is also bad.
Third, as already mentioned for expenditure in absolute values, with 704,049.99 euros, if you look at the ranking made with the rating, the Sicilian capital gets BB and is 86th out of 107 municipalities.
Only Rome and Milan, in absolute values, had higher costs: the capital reached 1,673,551.35 euros, while the Lombard capital reached 913,145.19 euros.
Except that, based on the rating, both Rome and Milan get A and are respectively in forty-ninth and sixty-second place.
While they do worse than Palermo, Catania and Messina.
The capital of Catania is ninetieth with an expense of 361,725.89 euros and a rating of BB, that of Peloritan is one hundred and first with an expense of 619,811.52 euros and a rating of C.

The other municipalities

There are twelve Italian provincial capitals promoted with AAA in the management of expenses for fuels, fuels and lubricants.
Do well for this item of costs of the institution, thus obtaining the maximum rating, are Foggia, which spent only 1,491.03 euros and then Isernia (11,228.40), Terni (12,223.36), Frosinone (12,959.23) , Lodi (13,226.35), Imperia (13,507.74), Forlì (15,187.42), Rovigo (15,454.04), Savona (24,749.63), Lecce (33,097.52), Piacenza (37,477.92), and Bologna (101,321.88).
Among the Sicilians the best are Agrigento (61,690.33) and Trapani (67,259.27), both evaluated with A.