Expanding Budget for Sicilian Regional Employees’ Contract: More Room for Promotions and Benefits

Negotiations for the renewal of the contract of the employees of the Sicilian Region have been halted. The drafts of the agreement distributed by the Aran to the unions last Tuesday need to be rewritten before talks can resume. The letter from the Personnel Assessor, Andrea Messina, to the Commissioner of the Agency for Public Employment Accursio Gallo has caused confusion in the offices and union offices. Messina has formally contested most of the points being discussed by the Aran and the unions. Based on a preliminary reading, it seemed that the assessor was asking the Aran to narrow down the expenses and therefore the negotiation margins. However, the union secretaries interpreted the assessor’s words in the opposite way. Messina is asking the Aran to expand the spending limits and to more decisively meet the demands of almost all unions. This needs to happen on about ten points, particularly regarding the lack of appreciation for reclassification, the restrictive starting point for economic progressions, and the absence of a proposal for related allowances. Gallo, upon receiving the letter, responded by announcing his willingness to comply with government indications while taking into account the directives of the law and the pronouncements of the Court of Auditors. This will be the basis for negotiations starting next week, with the need to rewrite the starting draft. The unions appreciate the assessor’s letter, as it aligns with their demands and gives new impetus to the negotiations.

Contratto dei dipendenti della Regione Siciliana, si allarga il budget: più margini per promozioni e benefit

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