Exhibitions sheets against the mafia, the civil revolt in Palermo

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PALERMO, June 20 – Back home after the funeral of Giovanni Falcone, his wife Francesca Morvillo and the men in the escort, a young woman from Palermo exposes a sheet on the balcony that expresses all her anger.
“Palermo asks for justice” it says.
It is the first act of a collective revolt of consciences that gives shape to the “Committee of sheets”: a spontaneous group in which intellectuals, university teachers, journalists, sociologists and professionals gather.
Thirty years later, the memory of that experience is recalled in an exhibition promoted by the Sicilian Gramsci Institute and open to visitors from 23 June to 23 July at the cultural sites of Palermo.
In the exhibition you will find materials, documents, testimonies of the initiatives promoted by the committee.
This is a sample of the documentation that the promoters (they were almost all women) of the committee left as an expressive form of that civil revolt.
Next to the documents and banners are also displayed painted sheets that enriched the initiatives of the declination assumed by the committee in the Ionian-Etnean area.
Documents and banners come from Marta Cimino, the first woman to launch the sheet protest, who has been missing for a few years.
Her daughter Caterina Cammarata recovered them and fixed them.
The painted sheets were kept for 30 years by Marinella Fiume.
Marta Cimino’s gesture touched Palermo’s exposed nerves.
Other sheets began to appear on the balconies of houses, studios, private and public offices, in the center and in the suburbs.
They accompanied the request for justice and support for the magistrates.


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