Exhibition showcases “La guerra in casa: l’Operazione Husky” in Regalbuto, Catenanuova, and Centuripe.

The exhibition “The War at Home: Operation Husky in Regalbuto, Catenanuova, and Centuripe (July-August 1943)” will be inaugurated on August 25th at the Antiquarium exhibition space in Centuripe. The exhibition, curated by Angelo Plumari in collaboration with Paolo Valvo, will be open to the public until January 8th, 2024. It aims to reconstruct the events that occurred in the northern territory of the Enna province during World War II through documents, testimonies, videos, photos, and historical artifacts. This exhibition commemorates the 80th anniversary of the Anglo-American landing in Sicily and the subsequent military occupation of the island, highlighting the consequences of the conflict for the civilian population and promoting peace. The exhibition will be accompanied by tourist itineraries in the three municipalities of Centuripe, Catenanuova, and Regalbuto. The exhibition will feature original uniforms, military equipment, and artifacts, as well as photographs and testimonies from both soldiers and civilians. The University of St. Thomas and the De Gasperi Foundation are supporting the initiative to enhance the cultural and tourist value of the territory. Two parallel exhibitions will also be held in Catenanuova and Regalbuto, showcasing photographs of the violent and significant moments experienced in these areas during the clash between Allied and German troops.

La guerra in casa: l’Operazione Husky in mostra a Regalbuto, Catenanuova e Centuripe

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