Excellence, the Ionica dances the Argentine tango in Piraino

Jonica in corsair version on the Nebros field on the third day of the championship of Excellence. The Santateresina team won 3-1 despite falling behind in the middle of the first half, turning it around in just 13 ‘.

A favorable start for the hosts, who try to make themselves dangerous with Fioretti’s oversized shot. The response of the guests coached by Michele Campo materializes in the 25th minute in the post hit by Esposito on an assist from Laplace. The escaped danger acts as a spur for the green-white-reds, who take the lead in the 32nd minute thanks to the millimetric lob from Travaglia, served by Szerdi. In the second half, Jonica unleashed from the start. At 3 ‘the draw: Aquino’s air bank, local defense culpably stopped and a decisive header by Argentine Pablo Lucero. Similar the dynamics of the doubling signed (14 ‘) again by the unleashed Lucero, this time with a full tile conclusion. The Nebros accuses the double blow and collects, three minutes later, also the third goal on the penalty converted coldly by Ortiz.

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