Excellence, nothing to do for Atletico Catania against the City of Taormina

Good will was not enough for Atletico Catania to avoid the defeat (5-0) against the ambitious city of Taormina. Positive note for the Etna team to have finished the game with the hope of being competitive as soon as possible.

The City of Taormina immediately puts the game on the right tracks with the one-two packaged in the first eight minutes after Orazio Urso’s free-kick and Saccullo’s undersize touch on Famà’s assist. At 13 ‘Lo Re crosses from the left to the far post for Nicolosi, who kicks first intention and splinters the crossbar. Little to tell, the guests touch the trio with Saccullo, Salvo Strano and Lo Re and the third marking arrives on time at 28 ‘with Salvo Strano, who scores from inside the area on an assist from Nicolosi. A minute later the Ionic poker with Charlie Famà bagging the first goal of his championship in a rush of power, on Urso’s service. At 38 ‘ball action on the ground of the City of Taormina who achieves the 0-5: Saccullo of heel makes filter for Salvo Strano who is not wrong. Second double win of the season for 2002 by Lu Vito after the one trimmed at Leonzio. Shooting that offers little in terms of reporting. The City of Taormina does not sink in search of the sixth goal and takes the opportunity to put in place a sort of prolonged training based on ball possession. Atletico Catania-City of Taormina 0-5 Scorers: 7 ‘Urso, 8’ Saccullo, 27 ‘and 38’ S. Strano, 28 ‘Famà.
Atletico Catania: Grasso, Conti, Costanzo, Manola, Ruscica (1′ st Somma), Napoli , Mirone, Puccia, Coco, Cardomone, Cantarella.
Città di Taormina: Cirnigliaro, Nicolosi, Lo Re, Sardo (1 ‘st Caltabiano), Trovato, A. Strano, Urso, Mannino, Saccullo (1 ‘st Petrullo), S. Strano, Famà (1’ st D. Castorina). Available: Sanneh, Patanè, Pantano, Quintoni, Ancione, Ginagò. All .: Lu Vito.
Referee: Puglisi of Catania (Sorace and Debole of Catania).