Excellence. La Nissa takes over the field of the Oratorio San Ciro e San Giorgio. Decides a goal from Gaetano Bellanca. – the Fact Nisseno

In Excellence exhilarating departure for Nissa. Angelo Bognanni’s team has far exceeded the Oratorio San Ciro and San Giorgio di Marineo 0-1.

The author of the goal was Gaetano Bellanca, recently arrived at Nissa. The decisive goal came when Nissa was ten due to the expulsion of Bisogno for a double yellow card. The game was very intense and tense with the hosts who proved to be quite mangy in the presence of a Nissa who fought for every ball.

In the first half Nissa, who lacked Gallon due to disqualification, Conti and Tosto due to injury, undermined the Marineo’s door with the conclusions of Illario and Stassi. The Marineo replied with Albeggiano.

In the second half after a good start from Nissa, Bisogno’s expulsion seems to change the balance of power between the two teams, but the guests, despite the numerical inferiority, still gain the advantage with a goal from Bellanca given by a splendid Peppe Prestia.

The Marineo, cold hit, tries to react but finds in his path an indomitable Nissa who manages to close every gap and give herself a luxury start to the championship. In the final, Priolo was also sent off, but Nissa kept the same and managed to win the match.