Excellence, Igea beats the City of Viagrande at home and drops the trio of successes

Test of strength of the Igea 1946, which won 3-1 on the field of the City of Viagrande, thus winning the third victory in as many games played. A well-deserved success by the boys trained by Peppe Alizzi, who provided another excellent performance.

Immediately dangerous guests with Igrò’s powerful shot, deflected over the crossbar by the attentive Pappalardo. The Etna team unlocked the score in the 21st minute, when Castelli, served by Cerasuolo, bags the ball behind Di Fina. Having conceded the goal, the Igeani press their foot on the accelerator, pushing their opponents into their own half. Thus, the offensive actions of the Longano team follow one another, but they risk being pierced on the counterattack. In the second half, the local goalkeeper cleverly opposes the conclusions of Pavisich and La Spada. The crossbar denies Lucarelli the joy of scoring on 7 ‘, but the appointment with the draw is only postponed for two minutes: La Spada resolves a scrum in the area, signing the 1-1. At half-time, Igrò overtakes, properly finalizing the chest pass of the Argentine Pavisich. The unleashed La Spada closes the score in the 27th minute from a close position. His network puts his precious success in the “safe”.

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