Even Casteldaccia mourns teacher Teresa, the mayor: «Everyone knew her, she was exceptional»

All of Casteldaccia is shocked and dismayed. It seems almost impossible to believe that a 17-year-old daughter could be capable of killing her own mother, yet in front of the coroner and the evidence of the facts, the young woman confessed that it was her who killed Teresa Spanò, her mother. The 55-year-old lady was a teacher of the Casteldaccia didactic direction and by all she is described as a good, kind and well-mannered person. The girl initially tried to believe that her mother had committed suicide.

No one in Casteldaccia describes the relationship between mother and daughter so difficult and conflicted as to predict a similar tragedy. Deep sadness and great concern were also expressed by the mayor of Casteldaccia, Giovanni Di Giacinto.

«There can be no youth discomfort that can lead to killing one’s own mother – comments the mayor – it is not justifiable. I hope that all the help this girl needs will be given even if her life to her mother cannot be returned. I knew teacher Teresa well. You have been teaching at school in Casteldaccia for many years, an exceptional person. It is a tragedy of enormous dimensions. The girl must be helped but also recovered. We think that these tragedies are far from us and yet it is not so. And they also happen – concludes Mayor Di Giacinto – within families which should be the safest places. Together with me, the president of the municipal council, the aldermen and municipal councilors are embracing the entire didactic direction of Casteldaccia for the premature and tragic loss of teacher Teresa Spanò ».

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