Euthanasia of a woman from Catania, trial in Catania with an abbreviated procedure

euthanasia-woman-in Catania, -process-in-Catania-with-abbreviated-rite

Emilio Coveri, president of the Exit-Italia association, is accused of instigating suicide for the death in Switzerland of a 47-year-old from the province of Catania

CATANIA – The territorial jurisdiction of the investigation for instigating suicide for the recourse to euthanasia in Switzerland in 2019 of a 47-year-old from the Etnean province in which Emilio Coveri, president of the Exit-Italia association is accused is rooted in Catania. This was established by the Gup Marina Rizza, who rejected the request of the lawyer Arianna Maria Corcelli, who subsequently requested access to the abbreviated procedure. The first hearing of the trial will be held on 5 November with the interventions of the prosecution, represented by the deputy prosecutor Ignazio Fonzo and the substitute Angelo Brugaletta, and by the lawyers of the civil parties: the mother, the sister and three brothers of the woman assisted by the criminal lawyers Marco Tringali, Francesco Pantaleo, Giuseppe Cammonita and Anna Maria Parisi. At the center of the proceedings was the use of euthanasia on March 27, 2019 in a Swiss clinic of a 47-year-old from the province of Etna who was not terminally ill, but who had been suffering from a serious form of depression for some time. The thesis of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, accepted by the Gup, is that the competence is rooted in Catania and not in Turin, where the company is based,