+ Europe, Giuseppe Valenti from Palermo appointed head of the national health department

The Palermo Giuseppe Valenti , doctor-gynecologist was chosen, during the national direction of + Europe held in Rome on 29 November 2021, Head of the National Department of Health .

Founder in 2011 of the “Palermo più” movement, citizen activist on social issues and urban regeneration, always close to the ‘current President of the Assembly of + Europe, Fabrizio Ferrandelli .

The new formation of the national departments are a strong point in the structural growth of the party, strongly desired by the party leadership and primarily by the secretary Benedetto della Vedova and by Fabrizio Ferrandelli himself .

Organizational growth structured to give space and strength to skills and relationships on issues that affect the community so as to increase participation and certain shared and effective choices and resolutions “, comments Dr. Giuseppe Valenti

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