Etoile d’Or is the historic Catania bar closed by the police for cockroaches and dirt


CATANIA – It was clear that the closure of a well-known bar in Catania due to sanitary deficiencies caused a sensation, the news today was the three most clicked on our site and the shocking video of cockroaches that run undisturbed in the laboratory most viewed by users. But many have accused us as the editorial staff of not having mentioned the name of the business saying only that it was located in via Dusmet and that it was a historic bar. The fact is that when the law enforcement officers perform this type of practice they hardly ever give the name of the place, although they give clues that have led us and many readers to understand which historic bar they were talking about.

After a series of cross checks and thanks to some rumors leaked from investigative circles, we have found confirmation to our (and your) suspects. It is the legendary "Etoile d’Or" the bar whose activity has been suspended (so says the police report) due to serious sanitation deficiencies. The premises, it was found, were infested with cockroaches, even between containers and trays, floors, machinery and equipment had food incrustations, covered with dirt, dust and butts and perishable food preserved unprotected in the fridge. In addition to the serious health violations, the policemen ascertained that the owner had no documentation regarding the correct prevention / food safety, the so-called Haccp certificate, the control system relating to the production of food which has as its objective the guarantee of safety hygienic and edible.

The owner, who had been sanctioned in the past also for not showing the price list and the license, he was also reported because «the table of prohibited games was not displayed in the area reserved for slot machines. The occupation of public land was also disputed to the owner.

In short, a whole series of violations that cast a shadow on this bar which in the past has been a real point of reference between the activities of the city being a bar that has been open 24 hours a year, in the heart of the historic center of Catania and the Etna nightlife, at no. 7 of via Dusmet, next to the renowned Pescheria. Until a few years ago it was the favorite hangout for the sweet tooth of the night. It became the meeting place for many young people at the exit of the discos, a place to find warm croissants, pizzas, the legendary arancini and spring onions at any time. Many years ago it was a single bar, but then thanks to the continuous rows of customers and the gastronomic success it was renovated and became an elegant bar with rotisserie, pastry, typical products, Sicilian puppets and souvenirs.

Hygienic sanitary violations are certainly the most striking. Because there are really many people from Catania who have eaten something at L'Etoile, a bar that is always open, started over thirty-five years ago and that once made quality its trademark, a quality that had also led to several quotes on the most known tourist guides.

But lately his reputation was in decline. Just go and read customer reviews on social networks like Facebook or on specialized sites like Tripadvisor to realize how the Etoile d'Or is no longer what it once was. The hot table and especially the arancini that were once the flagship of the restaurant are now often judged in a very bad way: overcooked, tasteless, greasy, not very crunchy.

To see the images released by the police, everything finds an explanation. Cleaning had become an optional, the insects were left undisturbed in the laboratory between breadcrumbs and uncovered sauce containers, the grease and dirt that accumulated were not touched, the food was massed without any care for food and for the final consumer. Over the years the owners must have put aside the quality and probably have only thought about the turnover deriving from the strategic and characteristic position, behind Piazza Duomo, next to the Pescheria, in front of the Archi della Marina. But what comes out of those images is a real attack on the health of citizens, people of Catania and tourists. An attack that perhaps deserves more than a temporary suspension of the activity (limited to labor, sic!) And a fine.

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