Etna, still missing tourists on the north side. Find yourself in the Timparossa area by the fire brigade


Around 1.30pm today one couple of Canadian tourists has launched the alarm. They could no longer find the path back to Piano Provenzana, the tourist resort on the north side of Etna. The two were on an excursion among the craters of 2002, Monte Nero and la Timparossa beech forest when they lost their orientation and understood that the only solution was to call the rescuers.

To start the searches i fire fighters of Randazzo and Linguaglossa, also with the support of a helicopter. Everything ended at around 4.30pm, when hikers were traced to around 1800 meters of altitude, in the territory of Castiglione, in the area of Timparossa refuge. Both in good condition, just a little scary.

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