Escaped capture with false identities, arrested in Santa Croce Camerina

He had committed numerous crimes, including a murder. However, every time he was stopped by the police, he provided a different identity and had managed to avoid arrest so far. He was arrested yesterday during police, carabinieri, and guardia di finanza checks in Santa Croce Camerina. It was found that he had used seven different identities to evade arrest, despite accumulating various convictions and reports for drug trafficking. An arrest warrant had been issued against him by the Prosecutor General at the Court of Appeals in L’Aquila on March 14, 2022, totaling 11 years, 4 months, and 26 days of imprisonment and a 4200 euro fine. The police discovered that he was first arrested by the mobile squad of Ascoli Piceno for drug trafficking in 2015. In prison, he had assaulted a cellmate, causing serious injuries that led to his death. He had also been convicted for assaulting officers. He entered Italy in May 2011, and the following year applied for asylum but never showed up for the relevant commission’s interviews.

Sfuggiva alla cattura grazie alle false identità, arrestato a Santa Croce Camerina

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