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  • Awarded the executive project for the recovery of the coast in Portopalo
  • It was damaged by the storm of 2018
  • For the works there is a grant of 7

The executive project was awarded to remove the erosion in the Canalazzo district, in Portopalo di Capo Passero, in the Syracuse area, devastated by the storms of 2018. This was announced by the presidency of the Region for which it is an important step towards the interventions that can count on a loan of approximately 700 thousand euros.

The project

The project involves the construction of a bulkhead of 53 poles on a double row, with curb and wall at the top, together with the re-profiling of the slope with gigantic boulders. We will then proceed with the conveyance of rainwater and surface runoff through a collection channel.

The investigations

We will proceed with geological and geotechnical investigations, useful for identifying the causes and existing criticalities: to carry out them, at the rate of a 54% reduction, will be a group of professionals under the aegis of Litos Progetti srl of Santa Caterina Villarmosa. The goal is the consolidation of the roadway along the stretch of coast between via Lucio Tasca and via Nunzio Costa, hit several times by violent storm surges, such as that of spring 2015 which caused injuries in several buildings and serious damage to tourist activities. , shops and various infrastructures and even the sewer collector.

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