Erice. The Rigaletta CCR is still closed. On July 9, the first session of the new city council

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The closure of the Municipal Collection Center of Rigaletta has been extended until 3 July
The closure of the Municipal Collection Center of C.da Rigaletta Milo has been extended until next 3 July with the temporary suspension of the delivery of differentiated waste by users.

The trade union ordinance no.
229 issued today with which the previous trade union ordinance no.
221 of 20/06/2022 which ordered the closure of the CCR of Rigaletta from 22 to 28 June due to the temporary closure of the landfills of Trapani in C.da Borranea and Motta Sant’Anastasia, and the aforementioned center of Collection for the temporary storage of unsorted waste and the storage of watertight roll-off containers for the storage of waste produced in the municipal area of ​​Erice, which will be delivered by the company ECONORD SPA until the emergency situation is overcome.

The first session of the new Council has been called for Saturday 9 July

The inauguration session of the renewed municipal council of Erice after the local elections of last June 12 is convened for Saturday 9 July at 10.00, in the premises of the Municipal Palace in Piazza della Loggia.

The outgoing president Luigi Nacci ordered it, as required by regional legislation, who on the agenda of the inaugural session, in addition to taking the oath of the newly elected directors, included the points relating to the examination of the eligibility and candidacy requirements of the directors , the examination of any hypotheses of incompatibility of the same, the oath of the mayor and, finally, the election of the President and the Vice President of the Council.

In addition to the councilors proclaimed elected by the central electoral office last June 24, considering the option for the councilor office by the elected councilors appointed members of the Municipal Council, Rossella Cosentino, Anna Maria Carmela Daidone and Paolo Genco, in their place are the first of the non-elected members of the respective lists were called: Antonio Pierucci (Together for Erice list), Pietro Amodeo (PD list) and Vito Riggio (Erice list in all of us).

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