Erice, ten properties to be demolished

The list includes about ten properties. It is that of the evictions that has been prepared by the Technical Office of Municipality of Erice directed by engineer Orazio Amenta and by the specific repression structure that was established as part of that of amnesty and illegal building directed by engineer Giacomo Catania, as part of the crackdown that, from the summer of 2019 to today , was given to the fight against illegal building that for years has thrived in the strip of territory that, from the hamlet of Pizzolungo it arrives at the “Nono kilometer” locality and therefore on the border with the Municipality of Valderice. Evictions are expected before the summer.

In the “viewfinder” there is also a commercial property. The bulldozers have already come into action on several occasions to tear down houses, almost all with a sea view, which had been built in total disregard of the laws protecting the environment and the landscape. There are about sixty illegal buildings, or in any case built in whole or in part in violation of the restriction of non-building, identified in the territory of Erice, but the works for their demolition have already been arranged and / or carried out for only about half of them. . The activity of the Technical Offices of Erice, which is carried out in conjunction with the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Criminal Execution Offices of the Judiciary, in fact, was slowed down, ultimately, by the pandemic, but, previously, by the appeals made by of owners to Administrative Justice, with the request for suspension of demolition measures, and from appeals to the European Court of Justice for human rights. Rare exceptions are represented by the owners who have decided to self-demolish the illegal building, even if this solution involves a considerable saving of costs, as in the case of a villa with a swimming pool built in Pizzolungo.

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