Erice, solemn commemoration of the victims of the Pizzolungo massacre • First Page Trapani

A very intense morning yesterday, dedicated to memory, civil commitment and the fight against all mafias. In a certainly restricted manner due to the pandemic emergency, but no less effective, the Municipality of Erice and Libera, associations, names and numbers against the mafias, wanted to remember, at the Memory Park, the victims of the terrible Pizzolungo massacre of 2 April 1985 when, in the course of a mafia attack directed at judge Carlo Palermo, to tragically lose their life were Barbara Rizzo of 30 years and her children, the twins Giuseppe and Salvatore Asta of 6 years.

In addition to the mayor Daniela Toscano, the councilors and the president of the municipal council Luigi Nacci, there were also the judge Carlo Palermo, the mayors of Trapani Giacomo Tranchida and Valderice Francesco Stabile, and the highest authorities in the area, civil, military and religious. Also present were some members of Libera, above all the provincial coordinator Salvatore Inguì.

After the deposition of the wreath by the municipal administrations and the interventions of the mayors, the authorities and Salvatore Inguì, during the solemn commemoration there was space for a moving intervention by judge Carlo Palermo and for a telephone call by Margherita Asta, daughter of Barbara Rizzo and sister of the twins Giuseppe and Salvatore. Following the same judge presented his new book, talking with the journalist Rino Giacalone.

In the afternoon, however, there was a representation of the text “Non ti scordar di me” (for puppets and actors) elaborated by Mastro Puparo Angelo Sicilia, on Salvatore and Giuseppe Asta, by the boys of the external penal area included in the projects of the Social Service Office for Minors of Palermo.

Every year the commemoration ‘Forget me not’ represents a moving moment for those who firmly believe in the values ​​of legality and the fight against the mafia – said the mayor Daniela Toscano -. I believe that, today more than yesterday, so that the memory of the sacrifice of Barbara, Giuseppe and Salvatore does not remain in vain and in order not to forget how fundamental it is to fight against organized crime, it is important to maintain occasions of remembrance like this. We have done it, we do it and we will do it, with conviction, because this is also and above all necessary for our young people who have not lived through those moments but who must know and remember them in the future“.

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