Erice refuses to stop at the police checkpoint and escapes: movie-like chase ends with arrest

To avoid a police check, a 45-year-old man from Trapani fled in his car and then on foot. He led the police on a wild chase in Erice while driving a car with a partially illegible French license plate. During a check in the San Cusumano area, the police ordered him to stop, but he initially complied. When asked for his documents, he fled with two other passengers, leading to a movie-like pursuit to the San Giuliano area. He drove recklessly, hitting outdoor tables at a bar and nearly hitting pedestrians. Eventually, he was forced to stop at an intersection with parked cars, then fled on foot, abandoning the vehicle. The police caught him and found drugs in his possession, leading to his arrest. Due to his prior police record, he was placed under house arrest in Trapani and Erice with a curfew.

Erice, non si ferma all’alt e scappa: l’inseguimento da film finisce con l’arresto

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