Erice, I removed the clothes abandoned in front of the church

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Removed the clothes left on the sidewalk adjacent to the Madonna di Fatima church, next to the municipal cemetery of Trapani.
Now it’s a hunt for the uncivilized who have piled up used clothing there.

In fact, in the area there are video surveillance cameras.
The images taken will be sifted through by municipal police officers to trace those responsible for the degradation that has aroused anger and indignation on social media.

In addition to clothes, some residents and traders denounce, garbage bags are also abandoned.

“The adjacent structure does not take care of delivering used clothes, so it is useless for you to leave them on the side of the road – said the councilor of Erice Pietro Vultaggio -.
I invite you to have respect for our city”.

Sicilian news 2022-07-07 14:34:00

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