Equestrian increase institute, workers in agitation in Ambelia

Eight employees of the horse training institute, based in Catania, risk their jobs and a protest is triggered: they organized a permanent sit-in on the Ambelia estate with the trade unions Fp Cgil, Uil Fpl and Sadirs. The dispute starts from afar with a regional law that has reshaped the staffing of the institute and which, in practice, sees redundancies. Redundancies who had to be relocated to other regional bodies or departments but which are currently made “available” with a 20% reduction in salary and which can last a maximum of 2 years, after which if they do not find a new location they could lose their job. work.

“We have not had any response from the Region – says Luca Crimi of Uil – and the protest will continue. In this month we will have two hearings and we will continue to ask for answers for employees who risk their jobs. They are employees of about 60 years old. , winners of the competition and someone with serious pathologies. This is the result of a regional law made without any consultation. Despite the reassurances on relocation by the regional councilorship we are in this situation “. The trade unions also attacked the Musumeci government which “produced multi-million dollar investments on the Ambelia estate, a peripheral structure of the Institute, located in the President’s hometown, as it happens, continue to propagate the reasons for relaunching the structure from the four winds “. “The demonstration now underway – the unions continue – is part of the Institute’s enhancement program, but if we resort to layoffs, we ask ourselves, how do they plan to proceed? We launch an appeal to the institutional representatives, to the deputies who in 2019 voted for a rule that must be changed for a simple fact of justice, towards eight employees and their families, because it is only acceptable to have a law that presents critical issues, applied in the worst way, it results in such a cynical and unacceptable act “. The intervention of Marano (M5S) Regional deputy Jose Marano intervened with a note to express solidarity with the eight workers of the Institute. The pentastellata exponent has – on several occasions with interventions in the classroom, questions and resolutions in committee – highlighted the risk of job loss by asking for a relocation of employees considered redundant. “The perfect crime of the Musumeci government is taking place – says Marano – and which is leaving eight workers in the abyss of unemployment and anguish. The story of the Horse Increment Institute represents one of the many paradoxes of a regional government that once again shows itself to be an enemy of common sense: on the one hand, Ambelia, the electoral fief of Musumeci, is filled with rivers and rivers of millions. On the other hand, we do not want to find a solution – which I have indicated on several occasions also with parliamentary acts – for the future of workers considered redundant “. Then he added: “I intend to express to these workers, who are currently 8, my greatest closeness and solidarity for a story that is as absurd as it is incredible. Already during the discussion of the connected 2019 I had intervened in the classroom to fear the risk of redundancies within the Institute asking for a reasonable solution, that is to relocate the employees to other regional bodies. On behalf of the government the commissioner Falcone denied any hypothesis of layoffs and spoke of prompt relocation. In September 2020 I presented a new question on the organic plant asking for clarification and then I requested a hearing in the commission with the councilor and trade union parties. There was no trace of the long-awaited relocation, yet during the discussions of the stability law and other financial regulations I presented several amendments intended to ask for the transfer of these workers to other bodies or to the Forestry department “. “Now there are eight fathers of families who have seen the suspension of their employment relationship since July and with the only guarantee 80% of their salary for 24 months. These are people who will not be able to easily relocate to the world of work given their no longer young age and some of them also have rather serious pathologies. The regional government therefore respects the commitments made and does not turn a deaf ear: you cannot play with people’s lives “, he concludes.

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