Equal Opportunities Committees of the Sicilian Bar Associations, Miasi from Messina in charge of external relations

Messina joins the regional network of CPOs for lawyers.

A session of the Regional Network of CPOs, Equal Opportunities Committees of the Sicilian Bar Associations took place today in Gela. In the presence of the presidents of all the CPOs of Sicilian lawyers, the renewal of the representative offices was carried out, with the election of Rosy Musciarelli, president of the CPO of Gela to the post of president of the Regional Network. The two vice presidencies have been entrusted to the lawyers Simona Pitino, of the CPO of Ragusa, and Provvidenza Di Lisi, of the CPO of Termini Imerese. Cettina Miasi, president of the Cpo of Messina, was elected to the position of head of external relations, and finally the secretariat was assigned to Rossana di Stefano, president of the Cpo of Caltagirone. The task of the Committees, within the Bar Associations, is to promote equality in access, training and professional qualification and to work to prevent and remove discriminatory behavior related to gender or other forms of discrimination among members of the bar. . The reality of the Equal Opportunities Committees is now consolidated in the various Councils of the Bar Associations even if their obligation was introduced only with the new professional law in December 2012. At the regional level, all the CPOs of the Sicilian forums came together in a Regional Network of the CPOs of Sicily, founded in October 2015. The founding members were the CPOs of Gela, Caltanissetta, Enna and Syracuse. Today the Regional Network is a solid and consolidated reality with the adhesion of all the Committees of the Bar Association of Sicily, with the exception of the Catania forum, which had announced its first election in March 2020 but then blocked due to the pandemic and therefore not yet established. The Regional Network has always been concerned with investigating all those issues related to the difficulty of accessing the world of women’s advocacy and the gap between incomes between male and female lawyers, always with an eye to the realities that surround us. There were several initiatives, lastly a Regional Higher Training course for lawyers and lawyers in Antidiscriminatory Law carried out in concert by the Regional Councilor for Equality of the Sicilian Region Margherita Ferro, with the aim of preparing and training the forensic class with respect to the principles and anti-discrimination rules in various areas of reference. The new management says it is ready and enthusiastic in continuing the work carried out with new initiatives and activities aimed at raising awareness and training on all issues relating to equal opportunities and the principles of non-discrimination.

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