Entrepreneurs on their knees: “Messina can’t take it anymore”

In the first three months of 2021 in the province lost a total of 2,056 jobs compared to the first quarter of 2020. Small signs of recovery for trade, collapse for hotels, restaurants, but also for artistic and entertainment activities

MESSINA – There are fears of an irreversible crisis for catering and activities related to events, a sector that for a year has continued to record closures and job losses. The stop of another week, due to Sicily’s stay in the orange zone, throws the entrepreneurs who were ready to leave again in despair. “We were working to ensure equal opportunities for everyone, – says Carmelo Picciotto president of Fipe Confcommercio, who also expressed his concerns to the prefect Cosima Di Stani; – we had obtained from the municipal administration the land occupation in derogation also for those commercial establishments that overlook sidewalks whose dimensions are smaller than those provided for by the current legislation. Up to now, the Messina Committee of Public Exercises, which we represent through Fipe, Assoristoratori and Alces, – continues Picciotto – has acted in compliance with the regulations, supporting and supporting the various prescriptions, even the most absurd, to avoid the inconvenience snaking between ours exploded “.

Now the measure is full underline the employers’ representatives who continue to seek solutions in the institutional confrontation. “We have proposed to the ASP of Messina – says Alberto Palella president of Confesercenti – to collaborate, as an Association, for the vaccinations of our workers and their families. We don’t just want the financial support we are entitled to, we need above all to work and return to live. We are tired of being the sacrificial victims on the altar of the incompetence of so many figures who operate in the wrong roles ”. To penalize Sicily is the slow progress of the vaccination campaign.

“Messina is among the cities in Italy with the lowest infection rate – underlines the president of Confcommercio. We have signed and proposed to the Region, where it still lies unanswered, a new protocol with further correct practices to make our companies even safer ”. To the Prefect, President Picciotto expressed the will of Fipe-Confcommercio to make its headquarters available for the vaccination of its members as well as its willingness to promote a further awareness campaign in support of vaccination in the sector.

To support the concerns of the sector’s entrepreneurs there are data for the first quarter of 2021. A total of 2,056 jobs were lost in the province of Messina compared to the first quarter of 2020, a figure that could have been even more dramatic, had it not been for a turnaround with a + 1641 in the Agriculture, Forestry and fishing; this against 742 new businesses registered compared to the 464 terminations, which brought the total stock to 63,086 companies. According to the data processed by the Statistical Office of the Chamber of Commerce, on the surveys carried out by Movimprese, the largest loss of employees is recorded in the wholesale and retail trade (- 893), followed by Accommodation and catering services (-751), health and social assistance (- 525), real estate activities (- 482) and artistic, sports and entertainment activities (- 83).
But if the Commerce, health and social care and real estate activities show small signs of recovery, if we refer to the fourth quarter of 2020, this is not the case for the accommodation and catering services activities, which record a further loss of 163 jobs, and for arts and entertainment where 33 more have been lost.

The effects of the pandemic on our economic and business fabric are increasingly evident – affirms the president of the Chamber of Commerce, Ivo Blandina – and confirms that the measures introduced to contain the effects of the crisis were absolutely unsuitable and untimely. The analysis of the data reveals how, for months, we have been witnessing the collapse of companies in some sectors, first of all tourism and catering. definitive collapse must be avoided ”.