Entrepreneur Leonardi’s assets worth 20 million seized in Catania for favoring the mafia

The financial police of the provincial command of Catania have confiscated assets worth 20 million euros from the entrepreneur Sergio Leonardi. This follows a final conviction for association with organized crime, tax fraud, evasion of excise duties, failure to file tax returns, falsifying public documents, and money laundering, all aggravated by ties to the Carcagnusi mafia clan. Leonardi’s five-year and six-month prison sentence also includes the confiscation of his ill-gotten assets. His criminal career allegedly began in 2007 under the protection of his wife’s uncle, the head of the “Sciuto-Tignà” clan, and later continued with the Mazzei clan, facilitating the smuggling of petroleum products. Investigations revealed a complex scheme of value-added tax fraud in the importation and commercialization of petroleum products. The confiscation includes five companies, two individual businesses, eight real estate properties, financial assets, cash, dozens of watches and jewels, with a total value of 20 million euros.

Favorì la mafia a Catania, confiscati beni per 20 milioni all’imprenditore Leonardi

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