Entrepreneur Gero Corbetto and Covid. Appeal not to be neglected and hospitalized when necessary – il Fatto Nisseno

MUSSOMELI. “The Covid angels have no face but smile with their eyes and caress with words. I can only say that I arrived crying because I thought I could not make it and I left the Covid ward in Agrigento on Sunday, but with tears of joy. “

So yesterday the 48-year-old entrepreneur Gero Corbetto, a life spent for work, who together with his whole family, also extended to brothers and sister, was a victim of the contagion from the English variant coronavirus.

Let’s say right away that in the large Corbetto family, well known in the city for the activities they carry out, they are all fine now and the bad adventure now seems to be definitively behind them, but it was Gero Corbetto who faced it badly.

For him it was necessary to resort to hospitalization after days of high fever, and now, with great fear behind him, the Mussomelese entrepreneur, with his voice not hungry for air but broken by emotion, yes, he tells those dramatic days, when he really feared not to see his loved ones again and thanked the faceless angels of sanity. Those workers who make a difference in the ward, when a word, a kind gesture, a smiling look, become as effective as the therapies.

“Let’s say that this time I put judgment – says Corbetto – because I really thought I couldn’t do it and I thank the Lord and all those who helped me to overcome these terrible days. I’m not saying that I was skeptical of Covid, no, because in my work, with the workers, we wore masks, we sanitized our hands, but inside I thought: does it really have to happen to me? And instead! Luckily I found some angels in the ward and thanks to their help today I’m back here, at my house. “

Gero Corbetto then retraces those dramatic days, when the news of the contagion outbreak that had hit his family spread and all activities were closed.

“I had tested negative following swabs and then I moved to the countryside as my whole family was positive, but then when I had the symptoms and the control I tested positive, I went home. I was constantly followed by the doctors of the Usca di Mussomeli whom I really thank for their presence. They called me every day to find out how I was, but when they saw that the fever did not go down and remained at 39 ° -40 °, they told me I had to hospitalize. I was against it, I was afraid, but that hospitalization was my luck. I am safe thanks to the professionalism of our doctors. Just as the problems and the wrong things are highlighted, so the things that work must be said. Not finding free places in Caltanissetta, so with the 118 ambulance I was transferred to Covid in Agrigento and I found wonderful staff, from the primary Dr. Peace to Dr. Mira, the pulmonologist, the nurses and Oss. I didn’t even see them, only the eyes could be seen, but their strength, encouragement, professionalism, support, made me feel less alone. I was crying when I arrived, but Dr. Mira told me: “Look, if he had arrived earlier it would have been better, but within three days we will put it back on its feet, so cheer up, don’t do that.”

After four days of fever I no longer understood anything, but I had some prejudices, instead I had to change my mind. I have found wonderful professionals. And when they discharged me on Sunday, I almost didn’t believe it. That’s why in addition to thanking the angels of our health care, I want to appeal to everyone: do not neglect Covid, do not be skeptical and do not refuse hospitalization when needed, the doctors know what they are doing. And I’m here today to witness it. When I left I told the doctor: I entered crying but I go out laughing, and these are just tears of emotion. “

Gero Corbetto did not need to undergo oxygen therapy with a helmet. Its strong fiber allowed it to react well to drugs and was oxygenated with a normal mask. A few days ago he returned to his home, he is autonomous, he was subjected to a molecular swab and is awaiting the result. He wanted to tell his story to sensitize everyone not to neglect Covid and even less to refuse hospitalization when necessary. (SOURCE SICILY: ROBERTO MISTRETTA)