enter Salvatore Sciumè and Marcella Lauretta

Editorial team 04 September 2021 11:18

Two entries within a few hours in the Meloni party: the former provincial councilor Salvatore Sciumè and Marcella Lauretta, a very active and socially committed woman who will take on the position of provincial head of the health department. “I enter the Brothers of Italy – said Salvatore Sciumè – with the conviction that in the national political scenario the history of the values ​​of this party and its leader Giorgia Meloni are perceived with great interest by the electorate. It is a political project that is appreciated because it is solid, clear and coherent: a movement that is clearly opposed to the politics of uncertainty and irrationality of those who govern our country today. I thank the provincial commissioner, Calogero Pisano, for the welcome “.
” I have decided to join Brothers of Italy with great enthusiasm – comments Marcella Lauretta – and I will make my experience in the health field.
Today women, in politics, need to have the right opportunities and an effective communication channel, in Italy only Giorgia Meloni has a large and strong presence in defense of social, cultural and professional issues concerning women “.

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