“Ensuring adequate services and enough exploitation of workers” – Giornale Nisseno

San Cataldo.  Protest to the Municipality for the canteen service.  SGB:

Still a contract, still worsening conditions. At the center this time is the canteen service for the municipal schools of San Cataldo. The hours of workers that are reduced more and more to less than 2 hours a day, lower and lower wages and regularly paid with months of delay. Employment contracts that end in May in the hope of restarting in September. In the meantime, no salaries. Stories of ordinary contracts”, Said Aldo Mucci of SGB General Base Union, the organization protagonist of the protest today in front of the Municipality.Workers now tired of this treatment, of a perennial precariousness, of never regular and ever lighter wages, of continuous unknowns about the future. And of accomplices unions“. For a few weeks the workers have been organizing themselves with SGB. “We immediately pushed for the payment of salaries and the installments for March and April finally arrived. But can we continue like this?”, Adds Filippo Baio, another SGB delegate. Today, 2 July, despite the great heat, crowded garrison of the Workers in front of the Municipality. Then the meeting, together with a delegation of workers: “The Municipality has undertaken to pay the May salary. Then, at the center of the discussion also the new call, the resumption of the service, the guarantees on hiring, the opening on the expansion of the number of hours of the service and contracts. The commitment to resent us”Continues Baio. It was a positive first meeting”, Concludes Mucci. “It is necessary to ensure an adequate service to citizens and to guarantee normal and dignified working relationships. Put an end to the procurement system, good for some businessmen but bankruptcy for the funds, public services and workers, resume direct management and re-internalization of service and workers“.

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