“Enough with the incomprehensible games of power”

“Our main interest, at the moment, is to safeguard 53 jobs in our territory, put at risk by power games that are incomprehensible and of no interest to us”. Thus Antonio Di Guardo and Barbara Galluzzo, provincial secretaries of Slc Cgil and Fistel Cisl of Messina, on the sidelines of the press conference organized by the Asso Cooperative which manages the single reservation center of the ASP of Messina. The company, when assigning the tender, has chosen to keep all the workforce employed in the previous assignment in our territory, thus guaranteeing the employment continuity of 53 workers, rather than managing the service remotely (as required by the call) and transfer everything to Cesena.

“The level of service has improved, the workers finally have a certain and continuous salary recognition despite the delays that the ASP continues to accumulate in the payment of invoices to the Cooperative – they continue – we do not understand, therefore, the reason for certain actions that obviously tend to want to keep alive the privileges that have ceased to exist with the application of a correct national employment contract. We hope that all interested parties will clarify and think about safeguarding jobs and the quality of service. The ASP does its part, that of paying the bills, as foreseen by the announcement and does not jeopardize the jobs of many people from Messina “.

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