“Enough cuts to theaters and culture”. But bad weather stops the demonstration in Palermo

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Microphones, lights and trunks.
Everything was ready on the steps of the Teatro Massimo, but the weather was not mild enough.
The entertainment workers of Biondo and Massimo had organized for the afternoon of today (April 2) a demonstration of protest against the latest cuts and non-payments by the Municipality.
The uncertain weather gave us hope until the end, but then the water arrived.
Equipment returned, microphones covered and appointment next Saturday.

“We want to appeal to all politics – says Marcello Cardella, secretary of the SLC CGIL of Palermo – so that culture is not always relegated to a phase of emergency.
Certain answers are needed because theaters need certainty in resources, otherwise they risk becoming distribution and non-production centers.
We are very worried.

“We demonstrate once again against the umpteenth cuts to culture – adds Gianluca Gagliardi, of the Fistel Cisl of the Teatro Massimo – From 1 July the historical staff risk being fired and the main reason is the lack of contribution from the Municipality; the Biondo Theater is bankrupt and workers have been without a salary since February “.

In the video, the interviews with Antonio Barbagallo, Fials-Cisal secretary and Giuseppe Tumminia, regional secretary for communication

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