Enna – Vaccinations over 12 with Pfizer in municipalities without a vaccination center

“In order to increase vaccination coverage and overcome the critical issues related to the difficulty in reaching vaccination hubs, – writes theRegioneSiciliana SpazioWEB 300x600px General Director of the ASP of Enna, Francesco Iudica – we have prepared a first proximity vaccination plan that will reach all the municipalities of the ASP that are not home to a vaccination hub “. The invitation to collaborate in the vaccination campaign was addressed to the Mayors of the Municipalities concerned with the indication of the day, time and location, for which the local Outpatient Clinic is identified, unless otherwise advised by the First Citizen of the Community concerned.
“In order to rationalize resources, we invite you to concentrate reservations in the morning time slots (from 10:00 to 12:00); when they are exhausted, activate the afternoon time slots (16:00 – 22:00), grouping reservations until the reference time slot is completed … On the same day, home vaccinations already booked on the Ministerial portal will be carried out. The vaccination target will include all citizens from 12 years of age. The vaccine used will be Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 ”.
The Mayors are also invited: “… to raise awareness with the greatest possible commitment to the entire population, with particular regard to the categories most exposed to the risk of serious harm following infection with SARS-CoV-2 (subjects over 70 and fragile).
It is recalled that adherence to the vaccination campaign and the achievement of a high coverage threshold represent, to date, the only weapon to stem the spread of the COVID 19 pathology. It is emphasized that the current circulation in our province of the Delta variant requires the utmost attention and commitment from all concerned, in order to avoid the growth in the number of new cases of infection with harmful effects on the population, as well as the establishment of red zones, which can have serious effects on local economies.
The maximum number of services provided will be 150 vaccination units per day.
If a greater number of requests are received, the writer will be responsible for scheduling additional days. “
The schedule for vaccinations in the 17 municipalities is as follows: 12 July, Agira, Capizzi, Centuripe; 13 July, Calascibetta, Catenanuova, Pietraperzia; July 14, Regalbuto, Valguarnera, Villarosa; 15 July, Assoro, Sperlinga, Nissoria; July 16, Aidone, Cerami; July 17, Gagliano Castelferrato, Barrafranca, Troina.
“It is important to encourage the participation of citizens, involving all the collective subjects and animating communication with constant messages.”

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