Enna: Priest on Trial for Sexual Assault – Journalist Faces Judge

Prosecutor’s Office in Enna asks for the closure of journalist Pierelisa Rizzo’s case. Rizzo was accused by Giuseppe Rugolo, a priest on trial for “aggravated sexual violence against minors”. However, Rugolo’s lawyers oppose the request, and the hearing is set for March 21st. The case stemmed from the publication of sexual chat messages between the priest and some young individuals. Rugolo’s lawyers demanded the removal of the post and the seizure of all of Rizzo’s electronic devices. The judge complied with part of the request by ordering the post’s removal, which was later overturned by the Court of Cassation. Last June, the prosecutor requested the closure of the case, strengthened by the Court of Cassation’s ruling. However, Rugolo’s lawyers filed an opposition, and the final decision on whether the journalist will stand trial will be determined in the upcoming hearing. This case in Enna is similar to what is happening in Savona, where Rugolo also filed a defamation lawsuit against Francesco Zanardi, the president of Rete l’Abuso, an association supporting clerical abuse survivors. The Savona prosecutor also requested the closure of the case, but Rugolo’s lawyers opposed it, and the hearing is scheduled for October 4th. Rizzo states that the real problem for Rugolo’s lawyers is that the news is not remaining within the closed courtroom where the trial has been ongoing for two years. Rizzo is unable to enter the courtroom due to it being closed, but she believes it is her duty as a journalist to continue reporting on such a socially relevant case.

Enna, il processo al prete per violenza sessuale: cronista davanti al giudice

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