Enna, innovative oncological surgery at the Umberto I hospital

The innovative entirely laparoscopic total gastrectomy with D2 lymphadenectomy for cardiac adenocarcinoma was performed by the surgical team directed by Danilo Centonze at the Umberto I hospital in Enna.
Since last June 1st, the direction of the General Surgery Department of the Umberto I Hospital in Enna has been hired by Danilo Centonze, a well-known Catania surgeon expert in the field of oncological surgery and, in particular, in the treatment of malignant tumors with the most recent surgical methods. minimally invasive, which for 16 years worked at the Oncological Surgery of the Garibaldi Nesima Hospital in Catania.
“The activity of the ward therefore concentrated on minimally invasive laparoscopic treatment, as well as benign pathologies such as gallbladder stones and hiatal hernia, especially colorectal, liver and biliary tract cancers and, last but not least , of the stomach and esophagus, as demonstrated by the recent execution of an innovative total gastrectomy operation entirely laparoscopic with D2 lymphadenectomy for cardiac adenocarcinoma. This operation, performed in very few centers in Italy, consists in the complete removal of the stomach, loco-regional lymph nodes and omentum, followed by a reconstructive phase by means of a Y-shaped jejunal loop according to Roux, through small skin orifices, so as to avoid large surgical incisions and allow a more rapid recovery of the patient, who can therefore return to his normal life as soon as possible. “
The execution of the procedure by Centonze was possible thanks to the collaboration, as well as the surgeons Paolo Di Mattia and Alessio Licciardello, of the director of the Anesthesia and Intensive Care Unit Ezio De Rose and the anesthetist Serena Profeta, the Nursing coordinator of the Operating Block Luigi Rivoli, and the operating room nurses Filippo Corvaia, Giaggeri Albano, and Stefania Carnazza.
Centonze, at the Operational Unit directed by him, avails himself of the collaboration of a team composed, in addition to the aforementioned surgeons Di Mattia and Licciardello, by Salvo Campagna, Debora Di Dio, Serafino Di Gregorio, Angelita Giglio, Riccardo Gula, Giuliana Monaco, Chiara Passarello, Salvatore Rizza, Chiara Toscano and Claudio Trova, surgeons who daily carry out general surgery, oncological surgery, endocrine surgery, outpatient surgery, breast surgery and emergency surgery in support of the ER.
“Therefore, the organizational and structural relaunching process and the significant expansion and requalification plan on the technological, health and professional innovation profile of the General Surgery Department of the Enna capital, started with foresight by the Direction of the Provincial Health Authority of Enna in the person of the general manager Francesco Iudica. “

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