Enna, illegal animal trafficking: 15 suspects investigated in Sicily and Calabria

Fifteen individuals in various cities in Sicily and Calabria have been notified by the mobile police squad and the Enna police about the conclusion of preliminary investigations regarding an illegal animal trafficking operation. The suspects are accused of crimes including receiving and laundering animals of unknown origins, altering identification marks on livestock, and falsifying documents necessary for their slaughter and commercialization. It is believed that these activities posed potential health risks to the public. The investigation began after a routine check by the Nicosia police on a truck transporting animals. Irregularities were discovered in the documents, leading to a deeper investigation and the uncovering of a significant animal trafficking network for illegal slaughter and subsequent sale of meat without proper health certification. Some of the accused individuals were also involved in clandestine slaughter, the recovery of identification marks, and the falsification of transportation documents.

Enna, traffico illegale di animali: 15 indagati tra Sicilia e Calabria

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