Enna: abuses a young patient, an auxiliary arrested in hospital

A porter of the Asp of Enna was arrested by the police for sexual violence and attempted private violence against a very young fragile patient hospitalized. The man is accused of abusing the woman and then threatening her. The mobile team, which investigated the case, carried out a precautionary measure against him issued by the investigating judge at the request of the prosecutor Massimo Palmeri and the substitute Stefania Leonte.

The investigations had immediately focused on the auxiliary of the Asp of Enna, after a report made by the doctors of the ward. Investigators and investigators heard the girl and closed the investigations in a few days, finding “objective evidence” to her story. According to the prosecution, the suspect, “taking advantage of the vulnerable conditions of the victim and his position” abused her and even tried, with the threat, to “force her to retract”.

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