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Ragusa – “Energy communities: an opportunity for ecological transition from the PNRR” is the theme of yesterday’s information seminar wanted by the territorial Cna of Ragusa in collaboration with Logos.
The regional councilor for energy, Daniela Baglieri, who started her road show from the Cna of Ragusa, took part.
A circumstance that allowed the latter to clarify the plans established by the regional plan, with particular relevance on the aspects related to photovoltaic and wind power.
Without forgetting, however, the one concerning the energy communities which, in a historical period like the present one, allows the territories to organize themselves in a different way to provide the opportunity to ordinary citizens but also to entrepreneurs to organize themselves with lower expenses in order to contain the energy costs which, at this stage, have become really problematic.

An extraordinary moment of meeting with companies, professionals and mayors was created.
The result was a high-profile conference for contents and attendance from all over the territory.
Various topical issues were addressed and the need to ensure the transition towards more sustainable modes of production and consumption was discussed.
The appointment saw the presence of the national manager Cna Installation and systems Diego Prati, who returned to Ragusa after the initiative proposed in recent weeks on the thermal cadastre.
Prati underlined that a certain sensitivity on these issues is growing in the area, which should be developed in the most suitable way to be able to aim at achieving goals that might have seemed unattainable until some time ago.
The reference sector is among those most affected by the growth of this sensitivity.
Evaluating and understanding how these energies can be shared in a logic of continuity is what is needed at this moment.

The work was coordinated by Maurizio Merlino, installation and plant manager of Cna Sicilia.
The president of the territorial Cna of Ragusa, Giuseppe Santocono, spoke of a challenge of crucial importance for the contemporary world, highlighting that, starting from 2020, the Italian regulatory provisions have allowed a significant step forward in the field of renewable energy communities, a model innovative and supportive of energy management widespread in Northern Europe.
All this means the opening of scenarios destined to favor the diffusion of green and sustainable energy thanks to virtuous production systems, self-consumption as well as sharing energy within the communities.

A new opportunity to be seized in the most appropriate way, said the territorial secretary of the territorial Cna of Ragusa, Carmelo Caccamo, in order to undertake a model of production and consumption of energy at zero km.
However, it is necessary to move to the operational phase of the proposal to involve companies, creating a sustainable economic system for present and future generations.
The president of Logos Rosario Alescio, in deepening the themes of sustainability and in emphasizing the indispensability of a cultural intervention to ensure the success of the ecological transition, declared: “The human capital of companies, the role of intermediate bodies and trade associations in the construction of credible proposals to institutions and the ability to build and manage networks that Logos has developed over the years are available to Cna, businesses and citizens of our territory for the construction and enhancement of a project of a system that immediately allows the territory to reduce energy costs and, in perspective, launch a model of lasting and sustainable development “.
Finally, Eng.
Giulio Marconi, managing director of Protos Energy, the main Italian private entity in the field of consultancy to support the creation of energy projects, illustrated to a very interested audience the minimum basic conditions necessary for the creation of an energy community and outlined its characteristics , potential and terms of efficiency, clarifying the doubts and questions posed by entrepreneurs and mayors present during a lively debate.
With the support of Logos and Protos Energy, Cna intends to become the protagonist of a virtuous path that will lead companies in the Hyblaean territory to build energy communities quickly by exploiting the funds and potential of national and regional programs in support of sustainable development.

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