Energetikamente controlled administration, Grillo writes to the extraordinary commissioner

“Acquire all useful information and appropriate updates, in order to avoid disservices and guarantee employment levels” . This is what Mayor Massimo Grillo asks, in a note addressed to the Extraordinary Commissioner for Energetikambiente, seriously worried about the recent financial vicissitudes of the company that manages the waste collection service in Marsala. Admitted to the Administration procedure controlled by the Ministry of Economic Development, Energetikambiente is now directed by Commissioner Francesco Perrini. appropriate to meet him “To ask for clarification in the primary interest of the community, taking into account that there is particular apprehension and fear regarding the normal performance of services “. Having assessed the delicate problem also in the SRR Nord Board of Directors, the Municipal Administration of Marsala reaffirms its commitment to ensure the smooth running of the cleaning service of the city, as well as to protect the interests of the workers currently employed at Enegetikambiente.

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