Endas Sicilia hosts national ju jitsu team in Palermo for training camp with 150 athletes ahead of Europeans.

The article explains that the Italian ju jitsu team gathered in Palermo in preparation for two important upcoming events in the spring. Around 150 athletes from different cities, referees, and jury presidents attended the training session organized by the Fjji, the Italian Ju Jitsu Federation, at Oxygen Fitness Place in via Paruta. The athletes gathered points for their participation in the upcoming European tournaments, with the under 16, under 18, and under 21 European Championships taking place in Pitesti, Romania from April 3-8, and the Adult (20 years and older) Championships in Gelsenkirchen, Germany from May 23-26.

Athletes from Bologna, Genova, Perugia, Rome, and Taranto joined their Palermo colleagues for the training session, overseen by the National Ju Jitsu Coach Cristian Minuto, Endas National Ju Jitsu Fighting Manager Sergio Anzalone, and other staff members. Endas Sicilia, the Sicilian branch of the federation, organized the event with enthusiasm and support from Dario Galioto, president of Endas Palermo.

The Sicilian ju jitsu movement is not only preparing for the European Championships but also for the national ju jitsu seminar organized by Endas in Rome on April 27-28. The seminar will focus on technical training and values transmission in the art of ju jitsu.

Endas Sicilia raduna il ju jitsu nazionale a Palermo, in 150 all’allenamento collegiale in vista degli Europei

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